Workshop Date Venue Contact
Revision of Forms 20/11/05 ROKPA Dundee email
Taiji & Qigong 25-27/11/05 Samye Ling Tibetan Centre email
Christmas Party 17/11/05 Sandford Hall email
Templar’s, Symbols & Energy 08/01/06 Rosslyn Chapel email
Back to Basics – Internal and External 12/02/06 Morton Hall email
To be arranged 19/03/06 ROKPA Dundee email
Form and more Form 09/04/06 Morton Hall email
To be arranged 28/05/06 ROKPA Dundee email
Medical Qigong and Taiji 2-4/06/06 Samye Ling Tibetan Centre email
Medical Qigong and Taiji 18-20/08/06 Samye Ling Tibetan Centre email
To be arranged 10/09/06 ROKPA Dundee email
Qigong & Exercise 22-24/09/06 Holy Island Scotland email
Carbisdale Residential 13-16/10/06 Carbisdale email
Crieff Residential 3-5/11/06 Crieff email
France Residential 10-12/11/06 Mullhouse France email
To be arranged 19/11/06 ROKPA Dundee email
Tui Shou – Beginners to Advanced 27-28/01/07 Madrid, Spain email
Practical Taijiquan 04/02/07 Rokpa Dundee email
Taijiquan and Health 9-11/02/07 Kagyu Samye Ling email
Taiji and Form 22/04/07 Rokpa Dundee email
China Trip 12-29/05/ 07 China email
Taiji and Qigong 9-10/06/07 Le Mans, France email
Taiji Caledonia 16-17/06/07 Stirling, Scotland email
Taijiquan and Health 13-15/07/07 Kagyu Samye Ling email
20th Anniversary of Rencontres Jasnieres 26-29/07/07 Marcon, Loire Valley email
Form and Partner work 02/08/07 Rokpa Dundee email
Taiji – a way to Qigong a path to the Spirit 21-23/08/07 The Holy Island email


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