There are several DVDs available for purchase from the school.
Each DVD costs £10 including Vat and postage and packing to the UK

Orders should be sent to:

Peter and Hilary Christy
2 Alloway Park
(cheques made out to Peter and Hilary Christy).



37,44,108 Hand forms

This DVD contains the 37, 44 & 108 Posture Forms Taijiquan as taught in the Seven Stars School . Principal Tutor Bob Lowey demonstrates the three basic forms of Taijiquan in this dvd that is ideal for new and experienced students wishing to further their practice.

form dvd

Sword Form

The Sword Form DVD presents a one-day seminar given by Bob Lowey. The program includes a full presentation of the Form together with detailed instruction of each of the postures

sword dvd

37 Posture Hand form

The 37 Posture Open Hand Form DVD is compilation of the School’s VHS Video tapes Parts 1 and 2. This DVD includes a full demonstration together with detailed instruction of each of the postures together with an explanation of the relevant acupressure points and meridians used as guidelines for body alignment when executing the Forms.

37 dvd

more titles to follow