2nd Annual Residential Weekend

Following from the first highly successful residential weekend in May of last year, Bob Lowey played host to Gordon and Maria Faulkner of Chanquanshu School in the beautiful countryside of Creiff in the Scottish Highlands.

These weekends are structured to explore the intricacies involved in the practice of the Taiji Zhang (Daoyin Taiji Palm Forms), where Traditional Chinese Medical Principles play an integral role to the teaching and learning of these highly evolved Forms.

Bob provided the Western view of the Human body by providing lectures on Anatomy and Physiology, where Gordon complimented this with his in depth knowledge of Acupuncture Points, Meri dian Theory and 5 Element Theory.

Besides learning the spiralling and low postures, coordination of movement and focus or intent, participants also had to cope with the terminology sometimes English, sometimes Chinese, sometimes in Latin when discourse revolved around specific organs, tissues and musculature.

Lectures were kept in a light tone especially with the inane antics of Bob acting as assistant to Gordon’s presentation! There was however good deliberations at all levels of understanding and much note taking.

All participants are requested to take part in the chores such as cooking and tidying up and there were many gastronomic surprises cooked up!

The weather was excellent – warm and sunny during the day and wonderful lightning storms in the evening.

With so much physical and mental activity during the day, relaxation was supplied by the 7 Stars All Eclectic Band on the Saturday evening and people danced the night away into the wee small hours (Sunday morning – 4:00 am to be precise!).

This was the 2nd of 3 annual weekend residential workshops that explored Taiji Zhang II. There are 3 Taiji Zhang’s and each offers a rich understanding of the all the organs, musculature, Acupuncture points and Meridian Systems of the body.

Almost everyone that attended agreed the event is quite unique in it’s approach to understanding Taijiquan, Chinese Culture and it’s opulent heritage.

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