National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

Cathy House Blend was the conception of Synergy Director William Wong and Artistic Director and Composer Kimho Ip. Over a period of a few months, the idea formulated and took the shape of a Tea House in Shanghai of the 1930’s.

Included in this depiction is a former Dancing Queen of the East – who is ignored by the patrons of the Tea House; a ghost Dancer; Mahjong Players, a Children’s orchestra, Taiji performers and beautiful Chinese Dancers.

The performance lasted approximately 30 minutes and at the beginning, during rehearsals, no one was quite sure what was going on although William had the images clearly seen in his own mind.

On the day however, the feeling in the Hawthornden Court of the Museum was extraordinary.

Matt Brown of Blimey Productions and his crew filmed the whole event that will be shown at the International Chinese Film Festival in Edinburgh sometime in March 2007.

Cameras flashed as the beautiful dancers, Chang Zhang and Anne Marie Culhane took to the floor and created sculptures from dance, with haunting music that was provided from Shi Yan and Kimho Ip on Erhu and Yang Chin respectively.

An estimated 300 people attended to observe the spectacle that if not the most attended, definitely one of the most popular public events in the Museum.

Congratulations to everyone that participated and to William and Kimho, well done for a successful and entertaining day.

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