Once again it was a successful and packed Rencontres Jasnieres 2006. Members of the 7 Stars School graced France and in particular Marcon with their usual imitable presence, that is, no one was arrested as far as we know.
All 14 behaved in their accustomed and demure manner and practiced their French with the locals – “huv yi any beer mon cher?”.

Needless to say the weather was, well, good! At one point Scotland was warmer particularly during the thunderstorm! Luckily the 7 Stars team were doing what they are best doing, eating and drinking in the hotel and watching the storm from a warm hostelry. Unfortunately for others – namely the “Wudang Clan”, the meeting tent (where we tend to gather after midnight for a quiet discourse over milk and sausages), was blown over and soaked. Our thoughts were with Dominique, Armelle, Sylvie and Valerie!

We had time for our own practice sessions within the Schools curriculum and members were introduced to my colleague in Chinese Martial Arts and Culture, Jiali Fan who provided a taster session of Yin Yang Ba Gua Lian Huan Zhang, which is composed of 38 postures

Workshops were well attended for all Instructors and our French cousins – the Bobettes – Monique, Lisa, Elizabeth, Katrine, Isobel, Annie and Danielle, provided 7 Stars Moulin Rouge Qigong for our evening entertainment.

Next year senior and honorary Bobists and Bobettes (Lauren Smith, Simon Carey Morgan Spiced (at times), Enrique Almara, Anne Marie, Cornelia Gruber and Carine de Beurme will be in attendance governed by the wizened and yet skilful Principal Bobists, Epius vandes Polus and Sergius Dryus)

For all Bobists, Bobettes and Bo Bo’s heading East to Jasnieres (now known as Bobylon), we will be Celebrating 20 Years of Rencontres Jasnieres in Marcon. Please wear your Boberry as uniform. The weekend will be extended to 4 days instead of 3 and there will be a parade from the camp to Francois Frenauise cave and back to the town for celebration.

Those of you not associated with the School and reading this will have no idea what it’s about. Don’t worry. It’s all a bit of fun that you can experience with us next year if you wish to join us!

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