Hosted by our wonderful friend and colleague in Taijiquan, Elizabeth Seatia, we were warmly welcomed at Basel Airport (after getting lost in the Swiss side), and whisked away to Mullhouse, Alsace. This is a wonderful cosmopolitan township that sits in the corner of France, Switzerland and Germany where people are friendly and food is good!

Elizabeth has a beautiful studio that oversees one of the busy squares in the town and where she teaches almost constantly. The weekend workshop was well attended with some new and some familiar faces there to learn a Form that they had never seen or experienced before. Even so over the course of 2 days they managed it. Well done

The weekend was syncopated with lunches and dinners here and there and by that, I mean here and there. Chinese food in a restaurant in Mullhouse, Buffets in the Studio and Greek food in a restaurant in Germany served by Italian waiters!

Once again it was a great time and sorry if your students legs are a bit sore after long hours and low stances!

Thanks Elizabeth.

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